Cat 5 Hurricane Screens

The strongest hurricane screen system in the world

What sets us apart

We deliver the strongest hurricane screen system in the world, and we are Florida-approved.

ic Cat 5 Hurricane Screens

Revolutionary products
Our technology features cutting-edge, lightweight fabric and support bars

The low cost of our hurricane screens makes us a cost-effective choice

Superior engineering
Our wind abatement system deflects 95% wind and 95% rain, guaranteed to withstand up to Category 5 hurricanes and sustained winds of 188 mph

ic Cat 5 Hurricane Screens

Minimal installation time
The product’s construction allows you to install faster, with DIY kits available to save on labor costs

5-year warranty
We stand behind our products — no warranty claim ever

Each screen is custom-made to your required measurements for a perfect fit every time

Suitable for residential and commercial applications
Our hurricane screens cover large areas of lanais, patios, and entryways, which is great for commercial structures such as banks, restaurants with a drive-through, storefronts, and more

Our screens are made from a woven fabric consisting of polypropylene threads combined in a basket weave to form the fabric. The weave has approximately 5% open space, which allows light to pass through the fabric, providing outside visibility and illuminating the room behind the screen

Our products

Discover what makes our hurricane screens unique.

Hurricane Fabric/Wind Abatement System Comparison Chart

CAT 5 SCREENS Company A Company B Company C Company D Company E Company F
4 Sided/ 16” Seams for Re-Enforcement
Re-Enforced Aluminum Bar System
See Through Material
Impact Rated
Design Pressure +90/-90 or greater
10% Maximum openness
Own Storage system sewn on for permanent installation

Screen color chart

CAT5 Screen Color White
CAT5 Screen Color TanBlack
Tan & Black
CAT5 Screen Color TanWhite
Tan & White
CAT5 Screen Color Black
CAT5 Screen Color BlackWhite
Black & White

Watch our live demo test

Play Video about img video CAT5 Workroom 1

Get a closer look at our development and testing process and see the results of high-intensity impacts on the screen’s integrity with this live demo test.