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How It All Started

In 2005, our founder at Cat 5 Hurricane Screens LLC in Brooksville, FL encountered a unique problem. He didn’t know how to cover an irregular Lanai opening with standard hurricane protection. After searching for solutions online, it became clear that no such product was available on the market. He decided to create a hurricane screen that can be used in all types of scenarios and spaces. This led to the successful establishment of Cat 5 Hurricane Screens LLC.


What Sets Us Apart

Strongest Hurricane Screen System in the World

Made with material that has a 16-inch hem sewn on all four sides and equipped with a flat stock bar inserted. It spans up to 15’ between attachment points. Our screens are proven and tested to resist up to Category 5 hurricanes and sustained winds of up to 188 mph. Our product is revolutionary in its approach, covering large spans of lanai and entryways. It spans up to 15 ft., which is great for commercial structures such as banks, restaurants with a drive-through, storefronts, and more.

Our screens are made from a woven fabric consisting of polypropylene threads. The threads are combined in a basket weave to form the fabric. The weave has approximately 5% open space. This open space allows light to get through the fabric, lighting the room behind the screen and providing visibility to the outside.


Cat 5 Hurricane Screens

Can cover and protect large areas, giving you the convenience of expensive metal rolling and accordion shutters that are simple, inexpensive, and maintenance-free. They come with a 10 year pro-rated warranty. When the screen is deployed, you can view the outside to eliminate the closed-in feeling.

Live Demo Test of Our Development and Testing Process

Watch the short video to see an in-depth look at our development and testing process. Take a look at the results of high-intensity impacts on the screen's integrity, and see a live demo test at high speeds.


Learn More About Our Products

Our hurricane screens are unique for several reasons. View the product comparison below for a helpful guide in choosing the right hurricane screen for your home and establishment.