Protect your property with the strongest hurricane screen system in the world

We manufacture Florida Building Code-approved hurricane screens to safeguard your home or business from damage

Keeping you safe from catastrophic damage since 2005

Hurricanes are inevitable, and often cause massive destruction to life and property — but this doesn’t mean you can’t protect what’s important to you from the wrath of nature. At Cat 5 Hurricane Screens LLC, we prepare your property for any storm. We are committed to maintaining the safety of residential and commercial establishments by producing highly resistant screens that secure your windows, lanais, patios, and entryways.

What sets us apart

Superior engineering

3x more durable than the competition, guaranteed to withstand up to Category 5 hurricanes and sustained winds of 188 mph

Revolutionary products

Our technology features cutting-edge, lightweight fabric and support bars

Minimal installation time

The product’s construction allows you to install faster, with DIY kits available to save on labor costs

Suitable for residential and commercial applications

Our hurricane screens span up to 15 feet between attachment points and include self-storage options


The low cost of our hurricane screens makes us a cost-effective choice

5-year warranty

We stand behind our products — no warranty claim ever


Each screen is custom-made to your required measurements for a perfect fit every time

img Before
img After

Protect your building envelope from wind lift

Cat 5’s hurricane screens protect your building from unexpected pressure changes and ensure nondestructive wind flow during hurricane-force winds.

If the building envelope is breached, wind also enters the building, causing a dramatic increase in internal pressure. This internal pressure, combined with the external pressure, can double the force acting to lift the roof and push the walls outward. Preserving the envelope of the building is one of the most critical steps in maintaining the structure’s integrity.

What makes our hurricane screens special

Strongest Wind Abatement System in the Industry

This hurricane screen system fully protects your property from rain and wind damage caused by a hurricane.

5-Year Warranty for Guaranteed Quality

We take pride in our reasonably priced hurricane screens that are supported by a 5-year warranty. Our products also meet the Florida Building Code.

Minimal Installation Time

Our unique system — the only one of its kind in the industry — requires minimal installation time. This means that our hurricane screens are cost-effective and time-saving.

Easily Deployed

Deployment and storage require minimal strength, so they can be performed by almost anyone in just a few minutes and deployed at the last minute. We also offer Do-It-Yourself kits, so you can install the hurricane screens yourself. With the added benefit of self-storage, these screens are best for any commercial or residential space.

What our clients say about us

Logo My Safe FL Home

My Safe FL Home

Cat 5 Hurricane Screens has many approved contractors for My Safe Florida Home wind mitigation improvements. This program was created to strengthen Florida homes against hurricanes and save homeowners money. Homeowners who have received a wind mitigation inspection may be eligible to apply for matching grant funds to make improvements to their homes.

DIY or professionally installed? It’s your choice.

You can directly purchase Cat 5’s hurricane screens and install them yourself or have them professionally installed by one of our experienced dealers.

img DIY or Professionally installed
img Discount up 30percent Wind Mitigation Insurance

Get significant discount on wind mitigation insurance

Cat 5 Hurricane Screens can be part of a wind mitigation system that qualifies you for insurance premium discounts or credits for more wind-resistive construction. Contact us now for more information.