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Are you a contractor or dealer who needs a hurricane screen supplier?

Cat 5 Hurricane Screens is a proud supplier to all contractors/dealers that need reliable hurricane and wind abatement systems. With our patented technology, you can install the very best in the hurricane screen industry on all of your buildings.

Dealer Information for Cat 5 Hurricane Screens

We have designed this page to better assist our dealers with sales and orders of CAT 5 Screens. We will be posting any new information, technology, testing, and changes to CAT 5 Screens as needed. Be sure to check back frequently to keep up to date!

Use the forms below to help you navigate all necessary hurricane screen dealer information for our wind abatement systems.


Submitting Orders

  • Return Completed Order Form
  • Order to be processed and input into our system, then returned back to you for verification and confirmation
  • Sign Confirmation Sheet and returned
  • Submit 50% deposit

*Orders will not be processed without deposit and signed confirmation sheet

Dealer Setup

Use The Form Below to Place A New Order


Cat 5 Hurricane Screen Wind Abatement System
Ten-Year Limited Warranty

Cat 5 Hurricane Screens LLC warranties against defects and/or workmanship under conditions of normal use for a period of one year from the date of installation without charge for repairs and/or replacement including parts and labor of items found to be defective during that period.

This warranty specifically applies to products that prove defective in normal use or become damaged during a hurricane. This warranty does not include hoods, tabs or grommets.

This warranty is void with regard to parts that have been modified without approval of the warrantor, subjected to abuse, including deployment for more than 30 days per year, neglect, or accidental causes including but not limited to fire, flood, acts of god, or war.

This warranty is the only warranty and replaces any other whether expressed or implied.

The warrantor reserves the right to inspect, repair and/or replace any defective part which is covered by this limited warranty or at its option to authorize the inspection, repair and/or replacement of defective parts by its appointed agent. Unauthorized service will void this warrantee. There will be a charge for travel and labor on all service calls performed after the first year.

Cat 5 Hurricane Screens LLC warrants the wind abatement system against any defects for an additional 9 years after the initial year, subject to the conditions above and with service charge discounts as follows:

  • Year 290%
  • Years 3, 4 80%
  • Years 5, 6 60%
  • Years 7, 8 40%
  • Years 9, 10 20%

This warranty is specific to the installation address and remains valid through changes in property ownership at that address.

Dealer Information & Agreement

  • "Dealer/Customer" Understands that your order will not be processed until:
    Order is confirmed by CAT 5 Hurricane Screens, LLC,
    a signed confirmation of drawing/design, and receipt of deposit.

    • A deposit of 50% must be received before an order is processed. When product is complete,
      final 50% payment must be received before order will be released for shipping.
    Dealer/Customer agrees that product will be installed per specs of Florida NOA FL11379.1
    or 11379.2. Dealer holds CAT 5 Hurricane Screens, Inc. harmless of all actions if product
    is not installed per specifications.
  • If you prefer to fill out this agreement and mail or fax it, please click here for a PDF version of the agreement